Do you have a health concern for yourself or your child? 

Are you looking for general wellbeing care, injury recovery, or athletic benefits? 


There are many different reasons to seek out chiropractic care.  Your first visit to our office starts with a phone call.  We know that some new patients have important questions and, for many, our office is the first time they are seeking out chiropractic care.   

Our team will be happy to answer your questions and help you schedule your initial pre-screening.  We start with a pre-screening to see if we think we can help.  This includes a hands on spinal and posture assessment, takes a few minutes, and is always done at our expense.  If we believe we can help, we will let you know this and will recommend an initial exam specific to your pre-screening findings. 

An initial exam is detailed and thorough. It includes a thorough history, ranges of motion and orthopedic testing as well as a more detailed posture analysis.  If necessary, x-rays can be taken and read at our office.  We will also let you know what type of coverage your insurance provides to your initial examination.  Before we begin with your initial examination, you will know what we found during your pre-screening, what your examination will include, and how much it will cost. If an examination is recommended, we can start right away.  From the initial application, to our office tour, to our ability to answer your questions before you even ask them; we hope that your first visit will put you at ease and help you better understand how chiropractic care can help you.